fivethirtyeightdata is an add-on R data package to the fivethirtyeight package that contains user-contributed vignettes/ and 19 datasets that could not be included in fivethirtyeight due to CRAN package size restrictions:

Item Title
castle_solutions Riddler Nation - Castles Puzzle
castle_solutions_2 Riddler Nation - Castles Puzzle 2
castle_solutions_3 Riddler Nation - Castles Puzzle Final
comic_characters Comic Books Are Still Made By Men, For Men And About Men
goose The Save Ruined Relief Pitching. The Goose Egg Can Fix It.
house_district_forecast 2018 House Forecast
mayweather_mcgregor_tweets Mayweather Vs McGregor Tweets
mlb_elo MLB Elo
nba_all_elo The Complete History Of The NBA
nba_carmelo The Complete History Of The NBA 2017-18 NBA Predictions
nba_elo NBA Elo Ratings
nfl_elo The Complete History Of The NFL 2017 NFL Predictions
quasi_winshares The Twins’ Magical Run Will Likely Go Through The Yankees. (Because Of Course.)
raptor_by_player NBA Raptor
raptor_by_team NBA Raptor
ratings An Inconvenient Sequel
senators Senator Dataset
spi_matches Match-by-match SPI ratings and forecasts back to 2016
twitter_presidents The Worst Tweeter in Politics Isn’t Trump

The released version of this package is hosted using a drat repository made using the the drat package.

For more on using these data, see the GitHub repository for the fivethirtyeight package.


To load the senators dataset for example run: